2021 Healthcare Packaging Design Gallery

This year’s gallery featured many calming and minimalist aesthetics, signifying a consumer looking for relief at home and work—outside of the clinical setting.

Welcome to the 2021 Over the Counter Package Design Gallery landing page! We've organized our gallery in three parts by product type for easy viewing. 

Part 1: Calm, wellness, and anti-anxiety products

Screen Shot 2021 06 04 At 2 25 19 PmGarden of Life Kids Stress Relief, Olly Goodbye Stress Gummies, La Mend Inc. The Good Patch, Noho Health Inc. care/of Immunity, Wyld Cannabis Infused Peach Gummies

Part 2: Cold and sleep medicine, and infant care

Procter & Gamble ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs, RB Health Mucinex FREEFROM Cold & Flu, Hyland’s Daytime Oral Pain Relief for Baby, GSK Consumer Healthcare Robitussin naturals

Part 3: Topicals, skin care, and personal care

Screen Shot 2021 06 04 At 3 33 07 PmBayer AleveX Pain Relieving Lotion, Quip toothpaste, Dr. Scholl’s Callous Removers, EVERY MAN JACK Hand Sanitizer, Pacific Shaving Co. Nick Stick, Perrigo ScarAway Scar Gel, J&J Band-Aid Ourtone Bandages

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