Ultimation Industries Launches Industry 4.0 Conveyor Retrofit Kits Utilizing Interroll Technology

Ultimation Industries launches the 4.0 conveyor retrofit kits utilizing Interroll’s industry 4.0 DC Platform technology consisting of upgraded controls and EC5000 RollerDrives.

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Ultimation Industries' retrofit kits consist of all necessary Interroll EC5000 RollerDrives, idler rollers, controllers, cables, sensors, drive belts, and power supplies required to convert gravity conveyor sections over to motorized conveyors. The new industry 4.0 kits are complete plug-and-play technology, which allows for quick installation and minimal downtime while utilizing existing frames and supports. These pre-engineered component sets enable plant maintenance teams to convert conveyors on a section-by-section basis over a few evenings or a weekend.

The retrofit kits utilize Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) technology to convey parts along the conveyor system. ZPA technology allows for parts to automatically move zone by zone where they get close, but do not touch, the part in front of it. This is achieved by using one or more EC5000 RollerDrive per zone connected to Interroll’s Analog MultiControl Control Card, and photo eye sensors at the beginning and end of each motorized zone.

Every retrofit kit is customized according to the application requirements of each customer and their existing conveyor systems. Kits are available with 1.9 in. diameter rollers and for conveyor between frame widths ranging from 15 in. to 36 in.

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