Quick Hits: New Device Sterilizes Inhaled Air

ProtectivAir uses UVc light to clean air and protect users against airborne pathogens including COVID-19.

A recent Medgadget article discussed a new device that cleans the air wearers breathe, protecting them from airborne pathogens. The device is called ProtectivAir, and it was developed by UK-based research and development company Medi-Immune. It provides biologically clean air delivered through a personal wearable device to prevent the inhalation of viral or bacterial airborne pathogens including COVID-19.

ProtectivAir is a nose and mouth mask connected to an irradiation chamber with UVc photons that disinfect inhaled air. UVc disrupts pathogens’ DNA or RNA, preventing replication and infection. A video with more information can be seen here.

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