Packaging and Processing Industry COVID-19 Resources

PMMI collated resources for the industry to navigate business in uncertain times.

Screen Shot 2020 03 24 At 10 48 34 Am an effort to educate and serve as a resource to the packaging and processing industry during rapidly changing times, PMMI has compiled a constantly updating series of resources  on how PMMI will support the industry over the next few weeks. 

Many readers have already listened to the series of UnPACKed with PMMI podcasts that feature discussions with packaging and processing manufacturers. For those who haven't listened, its worth a few minutes of your time to hear directly how your colleagues are dealing with this extraordinary situation. These are being recorded and produced on an ongoing basis. Look for them here.

PMMI is also researching daily all of the resources that are quickly becoming available via the Federal, State and Local Government and sharing access to the most useful information on its extensive COVID-19 Resources page. Please check it often.

The goal is to provide the industry with the best resources possible to help now and aid in the recovery when some certainty returns to our currently uncertain times.