Loftware: Optimizes Label Printing from Mobile Devices and Introduces Label Comparison

Spectrum 4.0 Integrates Loftware DaVinci and Offers New User Interface to Enhance Usability.

Loftware, a provider of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management systems, announced the availability of Loftware Spectrum 4.0. This release of Loftware’s flagship Enterprise Labeling Solution is designed to enable users to design label printing applications purpose-built for mobile devices, which streamlines global labeling processes, according to the company. Spectrum 4.0 also introduces a new user interface (UI) to enhance usability and leverages Loftware’s DaVinci feature to provide powerful label comparison to speed label design and review.

Spectrum’s HTML5 user interface is designed for mobile devices, including IOS devices, to allow customers to manage label printing and related business processes from anywhere. The streamlined interface is made to maximize productivity and extend access to additional supply chain users.

The company says this user interface combined with Spectrum’s Application Architect feature should provide customers with unlimited flexibility to configure and run applications for all of their labeling and non-labeling related activities. This would enable global users and supply chain partners to print labels on demand, track print job status, or perform other functions easily on any type of device. Users should also be able to run applications outside the Spectrum interface which are purpose-built and branded for their use.

Loftware DaVinci is designed to provide sophisticated label comparison capabilities to speed label creation and review/approval process. Users can compare label templates directly while designing labels, or as part of a Spectrum application which is part of a broader workflow process, says Loftware. DaVinci is further designed so that users can toggle between high resolution label versions to quickly proof content and highlight differences. DaVinci is meant to allow users to identify label duplicates and reduce the number of label templates they need to manage.

Spectrum 4.0 is also designed to enhance the user experience by offering enhanced navigation that provides easy access to key functions like label design, status, applications, and printing. The release also introduces additional colors and styles and a redesigned user workspace created to maximize productivity. This user interface is designed to meet the performance requirements of both on premise and cloud deployments.

Additionally, Spectrum 4.0 adds an barcode wizard which is meant to streamline creation and management of barcodes, including GS1 endorsed barcodes. The company says Spectrum 4.0 can offer support for high resolution scalable vector graphics (SVG) and provide enhancements to the configurable Rest API, which expans Spectrum’s web services capabilities.

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