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Antares Vision Group Launches Exception Management System for Pharma Supply Chain

Amid a surge in exceptions, Antares Vision Group's DIAMIND Sentry promotes seamless operations and compliance with traceability regulations.

Diamind Sentry

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Antares Vision Groupa technological partner in the digitalization of products and supply chains for companies and institutions, and a leader in traceability and inspection for quality control—has launched DIAMIND Sentry, a solution allowing pharma companies to efficiently manage the substantial uptick in exceptions stemming from traceability mandates. The sophisticated system was developed by rfxcel, a business unit of Antares Vision Group providing supply chain visibility solutions.

The implementation of widespread traceability regulations, most notably the US Food & Drug Administration’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), requires the electronic exchange of unit-level product data, amplifying the volume of information shared among manufacturers, wholesalers, and dispensers. However, any errors during these exchanges result in compliance exceptions, and a significant increase in these exceptions has created industry-wide challenges. Unfortunately, part of the potential for supply chain disruptions stem from inefficient partner collaboration tools.

DIAMIND Sentry was developed to address these exception-centric obstacles by streamlining collaboration and ensuring seamless regulatory compliance. The cloud-based platform allows manufacturers, wholesalers, and dispensers to quickly identify and resolve product data exchange errors. Importantly, the system’s advanced exception management capabilities do not require platform upgrades, clearing the way for rapid deployment and immediate operational impact.

DIAMIND Sentry automatically evaluates inbound and outbound Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) files through multiple prechecks, including format and master data validation, ensuring they meet DSCSA standards. Files that fail any checks generate detailed validation reports. Depending on the error's criticality, files are either blocked, flagged for review, or sent back to partners for correction. Here, automated notifications and ticketing systems facilitate quick resolution of issues, allowing partners to respond directly via email to trigger automated responses and reprocessing.

Throughout the process, customizable dashboards provide real-time visibility into data flows, exception statuses, and purchase order tracking. Overall benefits of DIAMIND Sentry include:

  • DSCSA compliance: DIAMIND Sentry ensures all file transactions meet DSCSA requirements for traceability and security, with automated processes for maintaining compliance, and reducing the risk of noncompliance penalties.
  • Advanced exception management: Automated file evaluations ensure data accuracy and integrity, and detailed validation reports streamline error identification and resolution.
  • Seamless collaboration: Provides automated notifications and ticketing for efficient partner communication, and allows compatible integration with existing systems like ServiceNow and Salesforce via APIs.
  • Enhanced visibility: Real-time dashboards yield operator monitoring of file success/failure rates and purchase order statuses, as well as proactive alerts for missing or erroneous files to prevent delays.
  • Reduced exception management costs: Eliminating the need for additional human resources to track, handle and report all exception cases manually.
  • User-friendly interface: The system's responsive design is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, with customizable views tailored to different user roles within an organization.
  • Centralized data access: The solution serves as a single access point for all exception-related data, reducing response times and improving efficiency while providing global network visibility for multi-region operations.
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