Tree-free partnership: Burgopak and Be Green Packaging

Global packaging design company Burgopak has entered into a new partnership with Be Green Packaging. The relationship enables Burgopak to engineer custom Be Green Cradle-to-Cradle certified, tree-free, compostable components into Burgopak's packaging solutions.

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With the ever-increasing consumer demand for environmentally responsible materials in the product and packaging industries, many new substrates and processes have been brought to market in recent years. Using buzzwords like sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable, there is no shortage of companies trying to jump on the green bandwagon.

There are, however, a few designers that have a thorough understanding of the production and fulfillment processes, enabling them to see through the greenwashing. Using a team with many years of manufacturing experience, Burgopak has established itself as an industry expert, creating innovative packaging for a range of established brands including Vodafone, Motorola and Sony.

Burgopak's new partnership with US-based Be Green Packaging is a natural fit, pairing Burgopak's innovative designs with Be Green's molded fiber manufacturing talents. Committed to eco-social projects and endeavors, Be Green is the first packaging company to achieve the coveted Cradle to Cradle CertificationCM. Cradle to Cradle Certification requires the use of environmentally safe and healthy materials, design for material reutilization, renewable energy and energy efficiency, efficient use of water and strategies for social responsibility.

An eco-intelligent alternative to thermoformed and injection molded plastics, their patented pulping processes enable them to utilize a multitude of readily renewable fibers, including bulrush (cattail reed), bamboo and sugarcane. The fibers can be blended to create a customized mixture, suited specifically to the project and product. The addition of Burgopak's knowledge of soy-based inks and coatings is the perfect solution to cutting through the buzzwords to demonstrate a true dedication to our natural world for brands in any market, from packaged foods to electronics to personal care products.

Having won awards in multiple markets, including health and beauty, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals—and most recently Design Company of the Year—Burgopak continues to prove that there's room for innovation in the highly competitive package design industry.
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