PTI Appoints New Sales Manager

PTI USA announces that Jesse Sklar has been appointed to the position of sales manager for the Inspection Systems Division. Sklar is responsible for the sales of PTI's package inspection technologies to the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Sklar brings over 17 years of machine sales experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining PTI, he held sales management positions at NJM/CLI; M.A.R srl; and MG America. "My previous experience focused on the sales of processing and packaging equipment. Moving to the inspection side of the equation is very natural as PTI's technologies act as a report card and a diagnostic tool on how well the upstream machines are performing. In the industries that we serve, mainly pharmaceutical, food and medical device, package inspection is critical. Improper sealing of packaging and other types of package defects may lead to product contamination, spoiling of product, or compromised sterility in the case of medical or pharmaceutical containers." Sklar stated. He added "I am proud to represent PTI which manufactures the world's finest non-destructive, non-invasive leak detection equipment." Heinz Wolf, general manager of PTI Inspection Systems Division noted, "We are very excited to have Jesse on board to lead our efforts in promoting our inspection technologies. His background and knowledge are perfectly suited to our product line. His enthusiasm combined with his desire to serve our customers should prove to be a winning combination."
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