Healthcare Industry Gets New Collaborative Web Site* has become the first website to allow members of the healthcare industry to collaborate and exchange views on either industry-wide issues or in topical niches.

Topics will include those of interest to physicians, nurses, administrators, technicians, researchers or service providers. The site was developed and launched by Serviance Media Corporation.

“We had been getting requests to build a site that would open communication and allow all members of the healthcare industry to communicate and share ideas on important issues surrounding healthcare” said Serviance President Phil Petree. “Imagine having a rural hospital administrator discuss disaster preparation with hospital administrators around the world, or physicians able to call upon researchers for the latest on a procedure, or allowing the entire industry to openly discuss insurance legislation.” continued Mr. Petree.

According to Patricia Cisarik, Associate Professor of Optometry at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, “By employing the best web tools for online interaction and welcoming all healthcare providers, TheMedicalStop creates a distinctive neighborhood in which the diverse medical community can convene. What better way to promote a unified effort to provide quality healthcare than to facilitate universal access to information and expertise? TheMedicalStop will be a great resource.”

Named one of Seattle's “Top Docs” of 2009 and the Clinical Instructor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle, Dr. Eric Waterman adds “Finally, we're going to get what we've been asking for: A comprehensive facility for discussions specific to our practice as well as discussion on industry issues like helthcare reform. This site allows busy physicians like me to search forums on topics I'm interested in, and to communicate with specific colleagues whom I can easily find through the search engine. There really isn't anything quite like this on the web.”

”If you're in the association business as we are, you must be sitting-up and taking notice today of such an elegant networking platform. By allowing national associations to more easily communicate with their local chapters and the local chapters to more easily organize local events, TheMedicalStop represents the answer to the prayers of our non-profit medical clients whose communications capabilities just stepped into the 21st Century,” said Mike ter Maat, managing executive at the association and event management firm, Transversality.
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