Quick Hits: New Device Uses Sweat for Real-Time Well-Being Data

Scientists at North Carolina State University created a sweat-sensing wearable that gathers health information.

A recent New Atlas article discussed a new wearable device that uses sweat to assess the wearer’s health. The experimental device, developed at North Carolina State University, resembles a wristwatch and features sweat-sensing technology that measures metabolites in perspiration. It tracks a person’s body chemistry in real-time in an effort to identify health problems quickly. 

On the underside of the wristband is a replaceable strip that rests against the wearer’s skin. Chemical sensors in the strip gather data and relay it to hardware within that processes the data and sends the information to a paired smartphone. Currently, the device measures glucose, lactate, pH and temperature, but the team believes the functionality will expand with time. More information can be found in this journal from Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

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