Quick Hits: New Analysis Finds No Link Between Baby Powder and Cancer

The largest analysis to date, led by the U.S. government found no strong evidence linking baby powder with ovarian cancer.

Recently, there have been a lot of health concerns regarding talcum powder, aka baby powder, and a link to cancer. This is because the mineral talc is similar in structure to asbestos, which is known to cause cancer and they are sometimes obtained from the same mines. However, a recent Los Angeles Times article reported on a new analysis led by the United States Government that suggests there is no link between baby powder and ovarian cancer.

An 11-year study that examined 250,000 women found that the rate of ovarian cancer was roughly similar between women who used powders on their genital area and women who did not. Johnson & Johnson, the leading baby powder maker, has been the target by the majority of the U.S. lawsuits, but the company has maintained that its powder is routinely tested to ensure thereโ€™s no asbestos.