Microchip implant allows doctors to give meds remotely

Our Take

Imagine not having to remember to take a pill, divide up medication for the day or worry about taking too much or too little. 

Sounds like a perfect way to increase patient adherence, right? 

Well, Microchips Biotech has teamed up with Teva Pharmaceuticals to deliver their drugs using an in-body micro-chip. 

Not everyone is cheering, however. 

According to The Times of Israel, some groups worry about the invasion of privacy that might result in having a microchip implanted in your body. 

In-body microchips that deliver medicine in doses either pre-determined or controlled by doctors from outside the body could be the next big thing in drug delivery, and Teva Pharmaceuticals has jumped onto the bandwagon. Nevertheless, both fans and foes of in-body drug delivery are going to have ...

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