2020 Healthcare Package Design Gallery

Months and years go into designing an over-the-counter package to ensure the consumer can safely use it, often in mere seconds.

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Each year, Healthcare Packaging evaluates an array of over-the-counter product packaging designs, assessing the pros and cons from a user perspective. This year’s gallery was a bit out to the norm. Due to the pandemic and related headlines in the news, certain products were out of stock including many heartburn medications such as Pepcid, some pain relievers, thermometers, alcohol, and sanitizers/first aid.

Trends on the Shelves in 2020

  • More products in recyclable or compostable paper tubes
  • Matte finishes on labels or containers
  • More home test kits based on blood droplets and cheek swabs, including thyroid function and vitamin deficiency tests
  • Natural and minimalist looks—muted mauves, oranges and greens—and fewer bright colors and action graphics often seen on mens’ health or pain products
  • Orange, silver and black still popular on nutraceuticals, functional foods for brain health and sports medicine such as pain relief patches and KT tape
  • Wide-mouth openings on pill bottles and jars

Scroll through the gallery above to view the design gallery, along with detailed notes on each.

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