Part 2: 2019 Annual Package Design Gallery

Healthcare Packaging evaluates an array of over-the-counter product packaging designs, assessing the pros and cons from a user perspective. Today we review the Fridababy Sick Day Prep Kit, Welly Health Human Repair Kit, Cora Organic Tampons and more.

Fridababy Sick Day Prep Kit
Fridababy Sick Day Prep Kit

Fridababy Sick Day Prep Kit


  • Convenient for tired parents, the all-in-one paperboard storage kit opens to reveal four products in thermoformed trays including an Accu-Dose Pacifier for dispensing medicine

  • While large, the package is flat for easy storage

  • Whitespace and pastel colors make the package easy to read, including statements about the contents and volume/quantity of each component

  • “Simple steps” and schematics are printed on the fold-out flap of each compartment


  • This would likely take up a bit more volume and packaging than the four items on their own, but the kit keeps them easy to find with instructions

Welly Health PBC Human Repair Kit


  • Colorful, vintage aesthetic on the paperboard sleeve, tin and contents offer a global, adventurous feel

  • Copy speaks to consumer in gentle, conversational language

  • Imagery on both the sleeve and tin show what’s inside: assorted bandage sizes and ointment pouches for on-the-go treatment

  • The tin can be repurposed; single use ointments work well for travel


  • It’s great that the sleeve is recyclable, but “Recycle me!” text is a bit hard to see sandwiched between distribution and manufacturing info in small text on the bottom


  • In a market dominated by skin-colored bandages or cartoon graphics for children, the style is whimsical yet adult-friendly


Cora Organic Tampons


  • Sophisticated white carton with black and gold stands out from the bright colors and high-energy graphics/fonts usually seen in this segment

  • Carton features tampon ingredients (100% organic cotton) and product photo, as well as B Corp and organic textile certification symbols

  • Primary packaging—a solid grey pouch with vertical perforated line—features limited text/graphics to coordinate with carton

  • The carton notes that the company donates supplies to women in need, with a callout to a website with further information


  • The outside of the paperboard does not feature a recycling cue


Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Hydroseal Blister Cushions


  • Paperboard with hangtag holds a lightweight, teal translucent case to protect bandages on the go

  • Usage illustrations show where product is intended for on the feet and heels

  • The label on the case instructs users where to open

  • Both the paperboard and case feature recycling symbols


  • Consumers are very accustomed to using similar products once a blister has formed, but these are for prevention; though the first bullet denotes this, there could be a large or colorful “prevention” callout

Sanofi Chattem Aspercreme Warming Pain Relieving Gel


  • Usage illustrations clearly show where product is targeted for on body

  • The key feature—a no-mess gel applicator—is prominently displayed, while an image allows users a glimpse of the sponge applicator on the carton

  • Paperboard carton features an easy-to-see recyclable carton symbol on the back panel

  • The tube itself is very easy to squeeze, important for those with dexterity issues or pain


  • The tube contains a lot of information, but it’s in very small text

  • The product is safely contained in the carton, but there is a significant amount of empty space inside


  • The carton and tube both say to keep the carton for information and the back panel instructs the user to read the inside of the carton before using; it’s great to print information on the inside of the carton to keep from needing a paper insert, however, the user has to disassemble the carton to read the inside, which makes it tough to keep after reading

This is a two-part series. Click here for Part 1.

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