One-Hour Treatment Could End Daily Injections for Diabetics

Dutch scientists have created a promising new treatment that stabilizes blood sugar levels in sufferers of type 2 diabetes.

Injecting Insulin / Image: Ian Hooten
Injecting Insulin / Image: Ian Hooten

In a world where thousands of diabetics are taking the DIY route to regulate their blood sugar levels, a new treatment could provide permanent relief. A recent article from The Guardian discussed a new procedure that stabilizes blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics and has proven effective a year later. The procedure takes just an hour to perform, and it essentially destroys the mucous membrane in the small intestine, allowing a new one to develop. It’s believed there’s a link between nutrient absorption in the membrane and the development of insulin resistance.

50 patients in Amsterdam were given the procedure in which a tube with a small balloon is inserted through the mouth of the patient to the small intestine. The balloon is filled with hot water that burns away the mucous membrane, which regrows in about two weeks and improves the patient’s health. A year after the treatment, the disease was stable in 90% of the test subjects.

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