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CertiRx Corp., IN2trace Ltd Announce Partnership to Combat Counterfeits in the Supply Chain

Brand owners want to translate their investment in serialization into innovative ways to increase product safety that goes beyond compliance and to yield rich business intelligence data.

TraxSecur mobile app enables consumer engagement.
TraxSecur mobile app enables consumer engagement.

In order to provide their clients with a solution that achieves both of those goals, CertiRx Corp. and IN2trace Ltd. announce a partnership to offer TraxSecurâ„¢ Serialized Securityâ„¢ as an integrated component of IN2trace Serialization Software. Griffin-Rutgers serves as a distributor for both CertiRx Corp. and IN2trace Ltd. products.

IN2trace provides Serialization Framework to manage serialization codes during the whole lifecycle to meet requirements for different standards and data carriers, and to integrate with customers’ existing systems to open new communication channel to product end users. IN2trace’s lead products are CureCloud™ and Taggyt™, which are serialization frameworks built specifically to meet the needs of regulated (primary pharmaceutical) and non-regulated industries.

The IN2trace serialization framework solves regulatory issues while improving the user experience, enhancing brand loyalty and increasing the security of its customers’ products.

CertiRx TraxSecurâ„¢ delivers Serialized Security, a high-security mark unique to each pack via a proprietary set of shapes to carry the codes.

CureClouddelivers pharmaceutical serialization at the L3/L4 ISA 95 levels with aggregation at any level, compliant serialization for all markets (e.g. EU FMD, US DSCSA), and EPCIS interface and GS1 and IFA standards supported. CureCloud manages serial numbers in a central repository in a private or licensed cloud, either at the highest standards of data security; system communication is via SSL or VPN and the database is encrypted using HSM.

With Taggytthe relevant features and benefits of CureCloud are provided for non-regulated industries, and additional functionality is available for authentication service by end users in mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Taggyt facilitates information delivery in multimedia form (HTML, pictures, gallery, PDF, video), which can be integrated with social networks like Facebook and Twitter in bidirectional communication with end users. Taggyt is an asset to brand management not only for collecting rich information from end users, but for push notifications like product recalls, version updates, e-warranties etc., all with multi-language and multi-alphabet support.

TraxSecur can help protect your brand investment:

• Detect and deter channel diversion

• Assure product authenticity

• Get visibility into product movement and supply chain performance

• Enable consumer engagement opportunities via the TraxSecur mobile app

TraxSecur for simple, streamlined brand protection:

• The lowest cost and highest security authentication mark

• Unique, secure, proprietary 2D data carrier

• Interoperable security for protecting conventional mass market data carriers

• Geotagging of supply chain movement

• Flexible delivery to packages, labels, hangtags, etc.

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