Storopack: 96-Hour Temperature-Controlled System

Company launches temperature-controlled protective packaging with around a 96-hour holding time that maintains temps for four days.

Storopack, a specialist in protective packaging, is adding a 96-hour system solution to its product portfolio for temperature-controlled shipping.

The new prequalified box maintains a temperature of between 2°C and 8°C in the shipping unit for around 96 hours, depending on the required temperature profile. As such, the protective packaging is suitable for international shipments, particularly for products in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector.

Storopack supplies the 96-hour system solution in four sizes with a useable volume of 5, 10, 18, or 37 liters. The temperature-controlled protective packaging is available off the shelf and is delivered with all the necessary components: insulating box, coolant, shipping box, inner box, packaging instructions, and qualification report.

Both PCM (phase-change material) and water-based cooling elements are used in the box to stabilize the temperature. As a result, the cold chain can be reliably maintained even during longer transport times and with fluctuating external temperatures.

Storopack has prequalified it in accordance with the European standard AFNOR NF S99-700. Climatic chamber tests conducted by Storopack simulated summer and winter scenarios with empty packaging space and made sure that both extremes were covered with a Pack-Out—the same number of cooling elements.

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