From entry-level solution to efficient turnkey technologies

Optima has expanded its machine range to include new entry-level solutions. These solutions currently include the flexible and completely attuned filling and closing machines OPTIMA FM1 and CM1. These new systems can also be used as stand-alone units. Turnkey solutions such as the MODULINE, designed and manufactured by Optima Consumer, are leading technology. Optima’s presentation at FachPack will also include the InlineCan – the cardboard can that is manufactured on site.

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The new OPTIMA FM1 for liquid to pasty products is ideal for the food, cosmetics and chemical industries. Two different pump systems ensure a wide range of applications, high filling accuracy and very gentle product handling. The OPTIMA FM1 processes a filling volume capacity of up to 1,000 ml, at a maximum output of 90 containers/min.

The OPTIMA CM1 pairs perfectly with the FM1 in terms of closing technology, with the flexibility to be configured or expanded for a range of closure types, such as stoppers, droppers, screw caps, snap-on caps and crimp seals. The machine can be expanded with a second workstation. All controls are located beneath the machine plate in accordance with GMP compliance. The output is up to 45 containers/min. Installation, format change and operation via the HMI is quick and easy. The entry-level machines are built in serial production, to minimize lead-time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Taking flexibility to a new level: At FachPack, the Optima Moduline is equipped with the multi-carrier transport system from Siemens. Transport systems driven by linear motors move adaptably to the individual process steps such as filling, closing, labelling and more. The carriers are loaded and unloaded from the system on demand, and can be fitted with magnetically connected format pucks. The system is excellent for small batches as it can be quickly converted for different formats, product types or seasonal requirements. The Moduline platform offers a wide range of functions: using a tablet, visitors at FachPack are able to personalise labels for individual bottles; these will then be applied directly by the Moduline.

Optima will also present the new InlineCans. These cardboard cans are manufactured, filled, closed and, if required, processed through final packaging, all in one continuous process and therefore, have substantial storage and logistic benefits. The high quality and custom design present a prestige package at the point of sale. The InlineCan, a unique and innovative machine concept, was designed in cooperation with Hörauf. The SoftCan also follows a similar principle. For this film can, the package is also produced and filled directly “inline”, i.e. from roll-stock.

The OPTIMA SD €co auger doser is the company’s semi-automatic entry-level solution for powder products, with a dosing range of 50 g to 5,000 g. The machine achieves very accurate dosing results using shut-off scales.

Optima Consumer will also be at FachPack to provide detailed conversations regarding packaging solutions for food, cosmetics and chemicals.

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