Aspect Automation partners with Universal Robots to become first US distributer

Aspect Automation, a leading manufacturer of custom automation machinery, and Universal Robots, a global Danish robotics manufacturer, are pleased to announce their partnership in the US market.

Aspect Automation will introduce one of the robots at the ATX East Show in Philadelphia, PA May 22 - 24, 2012, located in Booth 2601.

"An Aspect Automation customer specified Universal Robots' UR5 for his project. The robot performed with remarkable results and was an excellent choice for the application," says Rod Drummond, CEO of Aspect Automation. "With the customer's permission, we were able to display the equipment including the Universal Robot at ATX West Show in February. The robot drew the interest of many attendees and quite a few exhibitors," Drummond said. "In working with our customer, we learned that Universal Robots did not have US representation, so I made a call."

Universal Robots was founded on the idea of creating a lightweight robot that is easy to install and program, based on research conducted by the company's three founders at the University of Southern Denmark. Their research concluded that the robotics market is dominated by heavy and expensive robots which are sometimes not necessary for every application. Thus, the goal at Universal Robots is to make robot technology accessible, affordable, flexible, easy to program and safe to use for small and medium-sized companies and on applications where more complex and expensive robotics are not justifiable.

"We are impressed with Universal Robot's ease of use plus their extensive support. They have a broad application range and their lower cost point means quick payback," says Drummond.

"Aspect Automation routinely integrates robots in the equipment we build and many of our customers specify the robots they want with their equipment. Aspect will of course continue that practice. However, the Universal Robots product line will allow us to extend our application range and attract new customers with affordable automation solutions," said Drummond.

Aspect Automation is distributing two robot models - the UR5 and UR10. The UR5, a six-jointed articulated arm robot, revolutionized the industrial robot market in six countries upon its introduction in 2008. It weighs only 40 lbs and has a lifting capacity of up to 11 lbs and a working radius of 33.5 inches. Launched earlier this year, the UR10 model is designed and built on the same six-jointed body frame with a lifting capacity of up to 22 lbs and working radius of 51 inches.

Universal Robots currently has 76 distributors in 33 countries on 4 continents.
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