MN Thermal Science announces the expansion of their Regional Service Center facility in Plymouth, MN.

In alignment with their strategy of providing "outside-the-box " solutions to address their clients' "inside-the-box" business challenges; MN Thermal Science is pleased to announce the expansion of their Regional Service Center in Plymouth, MN.

The decision to increase capacity was fueled by the ever increasing growth of their life science clients and third party logistic partners looking for greater asset management support and refurbishment services for their Credo® temperature-controlled shipper inventories.

The newly finished 6,000 square foot facility provides a comprehensive menu of support services including:
• Quality Inspections & Maintenance Recording
• Component Replacement
• Sanitization & Cleaning - Ultraviolet decontamination technology (certification pending)
• Kitting and/or Packaging
• Preparation for shipment including pre-conditioning if needed
• Shipment, Distribution and Tracking
• Custom Reporting

These asset management capabilities complement a comprehensive suite of technologies, products and design/testing services available through MN Thermal Science, including the award-winning durable and reusable Credo Cube® shipper and Credo Encore® software which tracks and assists in the recovery of valued assets. With the Credo Thermal Solutions product line, customers effectively reduce payload risk, distribution costs, environmental impact and their cost per use.
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