Gerresheimer demonstrates innovative and high quality syringe systems at Korea Pack Seoul

Contemporary syringe systems incorporate numerous individual design aspects.

Two of these aspects which play an important role in the production of prefillable syringes are quality and manufacturer accountability. Gerresheimer is presenting its reputed, high quality portfolio of syringe systems at Korea Pack from June 14 to 17, 2011.

Gerresheimer is a syringe technology and innovation leader with its premium RTF® (Ready to Fill) brand and a state-of-the-art range of sterile glass syringes.

•Gerresheimer supplies a fully comprehensive range of ready-to-fill syringes to the pharma industry. They are completely pre-assembled, siliconized, sterilized and supplied in customized nests for fully-automated filling.

•The syringes are made from borosilicate tubular glass with highest hydrolytic resistance. Gerresheimer also manufactures the tubes as an input product.

•As a result of continuous process improvement and the use of state-of-the-art glass shaping technology, the syringes can now also be produced in PharmaPlus quality. This is a brand new and pioneering quality category which was established by the Gerresheimer specialists.

•The range of finishing technologies also includes Baked-On RTF™ siliconization - which is perfect for sensitive biopharmaceuticals - as an alternative to the standard liquid siliconization. The Baked-On RTF™ process involves a silicone oil-in-water emulsion being baked onto the syringe wall.

•Innovative product designation avoids confusion and prevents product piracy. Laser encoding is used to indelibly apply a tiny matrix code to the finger flange. Multicolour heat transfer printing more effectively distinguishes between product information and calibrations

•Intelligent accessories simplify syringe handling. They include closures such as the Rigid Needle Shield with Thermoplastic Elastomer (RNS/TPE), the Tamper Evident Luerlock Closure (TELC) and the backstop with widened finger flange. The TELC® system is available around the world without restrictions.
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