SDK to Strengthen Personal Care Products Business

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has decided to strengthen the Chemicals Sector’s personal care products business by integrating sales and R&D functions so far separately performed for three segments: materials for skin-care cosmetics; materials for curling agents; and medical-care-related materials, including those for medical equipment and base materials for pharmaceuticals for external application*. The integration is to take effect this month.

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The integration is to take effect this month.

SDK will concentrate management information regarding the personal care business through this integration. Furthermore, the company will strengthen the business by increasing the speed of product development through closer cooperation among sales, production and R&D units.

Under the new medium-term consolidated business plan PEGASUS, SDK will expand its businesses in various functional materials, including personal care products, as one of its “new growth businesses.” The company aims to increase annual sales from the personal care products business to 4 billion by 2015.


Pharmaceuticals for external application: Pharmaceuticals absorbed into the system by means other than injection or oral administration. SDK provides base materials for such pharmaceuticals.
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