ABB introduces SolutionsBank for Robotics

ABB's on-line technical support and user community solution provides a self-service option for accessing technical information, product support, and user interconnectivity for ABB robot technology.

Easy registration - Just go to to complete your Customer Subscription request form. For up to 10 users - price is just $990 per year / per customer location. See how to test drive our SolutionsBank with the 30 day free trial. Robotics content:

1) Self-Service option for users for accessing electronic manuals, software updates, parts ID, diagnostic information, and remove & replace procedures

2) Thousands of manuals and technical articles for standard products - all downloadable

3) Hundreds of diagnostic articles that address the most frequently occurring problems - all downloadable

4) "Interactive Guides" (parts drill down) for part number and picture identification on controllers and manipulators

5) Remove and replace user-friendly graphical/video procedures for frequently changed parts


1) Auto-notification (through e-mail) of new content updates (releases, fixes enhancements) that users receive based on their specific installed base

2) Linked to Powerhelp so the user can enter technical support cases directly through the website and/or track all open/closed cases

3) Forums - provide an interactive environment for discussion groups by creating communication channels for partners/ users. Exchange of ideas, common problems, etc.

4) MySolutionsBank - Users create custom views based on information that's pertinent to them and expedites searching. To place orders for Robotics Spare Parts, Field Service, or Training please dial 1-800-435-7365 and follow the menu instructions. Review the SolutionsBank datasheet
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