Catalent to present at American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists*

Scientists from Catalent Pharma Solutions will be presenting seven scientific poster papers and participating in a round table discussion at this year's American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) meeting as part of the conference proceedings.

The 2009 Annual AAPS Meeting and Exposition will take place on November 9-12 in Los Angeles, CA. Catalent is a sustaining sponsor of AAPS.

On Monday, November 9, JJ Luo, Ph.D. will present “Rapid, Cost-Effective Technical Transfer of cGMP Manufacturing Processes to Produce Sterile Clinical Trial Materials.” Authors include Dr. Luo, Brian Woodrow, Ph.D., Craig Davies-Cutting, Ph.D., Wally Brisson, MBA, and Daniel Wendt, Ph.D. Also on Monday, Lei Mao will present “Fast into Man Model for Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) Development.” Authors include Lei Mao, LaMonica Ware, Lani Kroopnick, David Hall, Kerry Eischen, Tyson Anderson, Briana Pridgen, and Craig Davies-Cutting, Ph.D.

On Tuesday, November 10, Brian Woodrow, Ph.D. will present “Validation of a Moisture Determination for Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers—An Alternative Approach.” Authors include Dr. Woodrow, Michael Ruffin, Tristan Fairbrother and Courtney Moore. Also on Tuesday, Irena McGuffy will present “Effect of Plasticizer Type on Long-Term Stability of Enteric Coated Softgels.” Authors include Irena McGuffy and Stephen Tindal along with Kai Zhuang and Nigel Langley of BASF. Additionally on Tuesday, Jeffrey Browne, Ph.D. will participate in a roundtable discussion on “The Pros and Cons of Development Approaches to Poorly Soluble Compounds (In-House Development and Manufacture vs. Outsourcing).”

On Wednesday, November 11, Charlotte Carol, author, will present “Detection of Residual Solvents in a Large-Molecule API by 1H NMR Spectroscopy.” Also on Wednesday, Michelle Derider, author, will present “Detection of Adulterants in Raw Materials, Drug Substances, and Products by NMR Spectroscopy.”

On Thursday, November 12, Norman Stroud will present “Gelatin-free Softgel Studies: Development of Novel Shell Compositions and Processes Suitable for the 'Hot Filling' of High Viscosity and Semi-solid Fill Materials.” Authors include Norman Stroud, Keith Tanner, Elizabeth Youngblood, Didier Kiyali and Shawn McKee.

Visit Catalent at Booth #1301.
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