Multisorb Introduces New Customer Support Program at PACK EXPO 2009

MMultisorb Technologies, introduces its Calculations through OperationsSM customer support program at PACK EXPO, October 5-7, 2009, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth # C426.

Designed for the healthcare and food and beverage markets, the new program combines Multisorb's value-added pseudo-empirical modeling programs, including SimulSorbSM and SimulOxSM services with the company's portfolio of high-performance sorbents and high-speed dispensing equipment. Together, the components of the program help manufacturers speed time to market, while maintaining their products' efficacy and appeal. Program components:

Calculations refer to the use of Multisorb's SimulSorb and SimulOx pseudo-empirical modeling services. It involves integrated mathematical modeling using empirically-derived measurements of the specific product formulation or composition, packaging, and innovative intelligent sorbents. This process is critical in helping companies determine the right sorbent solution for their products.

Operations imply the use of Multisorb's sorbents with its industry-standard dispensing machinery for a turn-key implementation at the packaging operations level. The company's sorbents provide protection to pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage products by managing the level of moisture, oxygen, and/or hydrocarbons within the product packaging. They are incorporated into the packaging using Multisorb's high-speed dispensing equipment.

The program effectively provides turn-key, downstream operations solutions as established with the upstream, R&D calculations. Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device manufacturers can utilize the new program to engage with their formulation chemists and packaging engineers in a dialogue early in the production process. This will help enhance packaging efficiency, and result in valuable time and resource savings. By providing the necessary tools to identify and incorporate the right sorbent solution early in the product development and production cycle, the program also helps manufacturers achieve true Quality by Design (QbD) standards. Similarly, for food manufacturer involved in a variety of food applications, including baked goods, case-ready and processed meats, natural and organic products, snack foods and dairy products, this innovative program takes a look at the entire life cycle of the food product, from development to packaging and transportation, and ultimately to consumer use. The end result is the development of an intelligent and customized packaging solution that maintains food safety, quality and product attributes throughout the shelf life of a packaged good. This, ultimately results in enhanced brand integrity and profitability. Multisorb executives will be available at the booth to discuss the company's new program, its products and full range of value-added services.
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