Export Supply Chain Facility Opens for U.S. Plastic Resin Industry

A&R Logistics, Georgia Ports Authority collaboration expect to open transportation and packaging site this fall.

A&R Logistics has entered into a collaboration agreement with Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) to open an export supply chain facility for the U.S. plastic resin industry. The project will be aimed at establishing a transportation and plastics packaging facility on GPA's Ocean Terminal to handle the anticipated significant increase in export plastic resins.

Dan Jaworski, SVP – Sales and Marketing, says, "Approximately $50 billion is expected to be invested in the U.S. over the next 10 years by the plastics industry to expand production capacity. We are very pleased to partner with Georgia Ports Authority, one of the largest ports in the country, to offer an immediate solution to the shipper community. This facility is expected to be up and running by the fourth quarter of 2017. A&R is opening this transportation and packaging facility to provide flexible and efficient supply chain alternatives for the export of plastic resins in the U.S."

Headquartered in Louisville, A&R Logistics, Inc. provides dry-bulk transportation, packaging, distribution and logistics to numerous multinational companies within the chemical and plastic industries. A&R provides over-the-road transportation, trans-loading, packaging, warehousing and end-to-end outsourced transportation management through a nationwide network of 28 facilities, a combination of company-owned equipment, owner-operators and a non-asset-based transportation management division.

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