Systech Announces Program for Rapid DSCSA Compliance

Ninety-day compliance program enables U.S. pharmaceutical companies that distribute prescription drugs within the U.S. to meet November 2017 DSCSA deadline.

Systech International, a global technology company and innovator in pharmaceutical serialization, announces a rapid compliance program called "Serialized by November" for companies seeking to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) deadline.

By November 27, 2017, the DSCSA requires manufacturers that distribute prescription drugs within the U.S. to mark packages with a product identifier, serial number, lot number, and expiration date—basically, adopt and deploy a serialization solution. While most of the largest global manufacturers are underway with their compliance efforts, many mid-tier pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract manufacturers, virtual pharmaceutical companies, and other firms that ship prescription drug components into the U.S. are struggling to meet this year’s deadline.

The Systech "Serialized by November" program can help companies dramatically reduce the timeframe to DSCSA compliance by implementing the company's documented serialization workflows. Systech's serialization offerings currently ensure DSCSA compliance and are already deployed on nearly 1,600 packaging lines.

The program will allow customers to meet the minimum regulatory requirements by the November deadline, as well as enable expanded functionality at a later date, without having to change platforms or purchase additional software or licenses. Systech's serialization software minimizes downtime on a packaging line, with customers receiving multi-language, 24/7 global support for their packaging and production activity. Ongoing maintenance ensures continuing compliance and access to future solution upgrades and enhanced functionality.

The Systech rapid compliance program assures that companies can be DSCSA-compliant in less than 90 days. Full compliance includes: multi-level serialization; site and line management configuration; a built-in foundation for future lines, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). Systech is currently onboarding customers from now until August 1, 2017, under this program. Information and pricing details are available.

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