CDER Focuses on Drug Safety

Janet Woodcock points to annual ‘Drug Safety Priorities 2017’ report on CDER initiatives, and its efforts to evaluate evolving technologies to protect the public.

Drug therapies continue to advance, demanding the same of the methods used to prevent and/or manage their risks. Those risks include side effects, problems from inappropriate or incorrect use, manufacturing and production techniques, as well as criminal tampering or counterfeiting.

That was part of an April 23 FDA Voice blog from Janet Woodcock, M.D., Director of FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Woodcock says the Drug Safety Priorities 2017 report, “details a variety of ways we keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology. For instance, we are evaluating the use of technologies, such as machine learning methods and other advanced computation techniques, to help our analytics systems contribute to more predictive safety and risk data. We are also exploring ways to leverage mobile apps, social media, and electronic prescribing data while ensuring patient privacy.”


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