Pregis: Easypack Equipment for Cushioning

Paper-based protective packaging equipment uses 100% recycled-content paper to create cushioning and block/brace solutions to help secure products in transit.

Pregis is launching a new line of paper-based protective packaging equipment in North America called Easypack. It uses 100% recycled-content paper to create cushioning and block/brace solutions for a variety of applications.

A company goal is to offer a broad portfolio of multi-material solutions so that packagers can select the option that is best for their product line. Pregis’ Quantum equipment has been providing paper void-fill solutions for several years. With the addition of the Easypack portfolio, the company can offer paper-based cushioning and block/brace to the industry.

The recently acquired Easypack line has a 20-plus year performance track record and offers several models to address specific needs. Packmaster™ produces 2-ply cushioning, Packsolo™ creates 1-ply material and Packmate™ can make narrower 1- or 2-ply cushions to accommodate smaller packaging cases.

Easypack produces 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper cushions that can be molded to the shape of just about any product. The cushions are both lightweight and strong, helping to secure products in place during transit.

The equipment has been engineered with operator safety and ergonomics in mind. The lightweight rolls can be changed out in seconds without requiring a safety door to be opened. Paper is fed directly into the machine through guide rollers.

Easypack machines also feature set-up flexibility. They can perform in either a standard horizontal or vertical configuration, be height/tilt adjusted, or alternatively a custom mounting frame can be designed to integrate the system into the current packing operation.