Ultra-Compact Serialization

Spotted at PharmaPack: Switzerland-based Hicof has designed a system for coding and labeling that measures just over a meter long.

With various track-and-trace deadlines approaching in all corners of the world, many suppliers are finding ways to help their customers meet unique demands, including NMVS connectivity, advanced verification tools, and machinery with small footprints.

Enter, Hicof, a Switzerland-based serialization technology provider with an integrated system that measures just over one meter long… including a labeler. The Amacoder comes in three configurations depending on user needs and timelines, from standard coding to a “premium” serialization machine prepared for a future update with a labeler and the complete system that reaches 1080mm in length.

The small size of the machine, with its level 1-4 serialization capability and cloud connectivity, make it an option for manufacturers and contract organizations limited on space.

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