Rockwell Automation: Updated Serialization System for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers

The serialization solution provides an end-to-end supply-chain platform, and offers an aggregation workflow to help customers using manual aggregation processes.

Mandated serialization standards across markets require pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to adopt specified standards to track and trace products across their supply chains. The newly updated serialization solution from Rockwell Automation is helping these manufacturers and OEMs think beyond compliance and capitalize on major business benefits, such as long-term profitability, with a comprehensive, scalable, end-to-end supply-chain platform.

Built on the latest Rockwell Software PharmaSuite manufacturing execution system (MES) software, the new serialization solution is more scalable to adapt to a wide variety of packaging-line technologies and production-management systems. Integration across control and enterprise levels means the system provides a centralized platform for managing serialization data and facilitates product traceability across the entire supply chain.

The system features:

  • A new Logix-based unit controller with FactoryTalk View HMIs from Rockwell Automation that enables scalability, allowing the company to apply this solution to a variety of delivery models – from full, turnkey solutions to retrofit and OEM solutions – to meet the needs of virtually any customer. The unit controller acts as the connection point between each production line and various system devices. Beyond providing serialization, the system helps manufacturers improve troubleshooting and proactive maintenance by providing direct visibility into the full, end-to-end process – production through distribution.

  • A serialization integration gateway with preconfigured channels for order creation and EPICS data exports to integrate into each customer’s system, helping to reduce upfront engineering costs. The goal was to build a comprehensive library of pre-engineered gateway channels to drive down costs and deployment of business systems integration.

  • A manual serialization and aggregation workflow – a prevalidated, optimized tool for manufacturers with manual packaging lines. Approximately 90 percent of the potential serialization customer base uses manual processes for handling unit aggregation and labeling. The serialization system provides an embedded label-design software for Windows driver printers and a user-friendly aggregation workflow to help these customers simplify their manual aggregation process, saving additional time and money.

“Many customers are struggling with how to best meet serialization requirements or solutions that aren’t delivering as promised,” said Valerio Frediani, Serialization Solution Architect at Rockwell Automation. “Leveraging our portfolio, domain knowledge and global Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, we’ve designed our solution so it can be customized and easily integrated into each customer’s standard architecture and existing production processes.”

He added that the system offers “interoperability among all machine devices, information and business systems” which manufacturers can use as a tool in the effort to increase yield, boost long-term profitability and adapt to future production or regulatory changes.