Bosch Packaging Technology: Pen assembly machine

The fully automated MRA assembles up to 70 insulin pens/min.

Bosch Packaging Technology has introduced MRA, its latest version of the rotary pen assembly machine. Developed by the Bosch subsidiary Moeller & Devicon, the machine is designed to assemble medical devices such as standard four-piece disposable pens or single-shot auto-injectors. These are used for diabetes care, the treatment of autoimmune diseases, hormone replacement therapies, or emergency medicine.

The MRA assembles the four components of each pen one step at a time: Infeed systems load the pen caps, cartridge holders, cartridges, and dosing mechanisms into the machine from four different in-feed stations and fit them together to ready-to-use pens. The fully automated machine handles four pens at the same time and achieves an output of up to 70 pens/min. Incorrectly assembled products are automatically detected and rejected.

Thanks to its open construction, the platform offers a good overview of all stations and processes, ensuring easy operation and format settings. The automatic transportation and control stations between the different assembly steps reduce operator intervention and manual handling to a minimum. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables operators to monitor all process functions precisely. The compact design and small footprint comply with GMP and GAMP5.

As an option, the MRA platform can be combined with additional upstream and downstream equipment. For instance, the liquid pharmaceuticals can be filled into cartridges and inspected for particles and cosmetic container defects on other Bosch equipment. This includes labeling machines from Moeller & Devicon, which have been especially designed for pens and auto-injectors, as well as fully automated horizontal cartoning machines from Bosch or third-party suppliers that can be combined to complete lines. An integration of downstream case packing and palletizing equipment is also possible.

The flexible and modular design of the MRA platform enables an upgrade with further process steps, such as laser engraving of the pens or serialization. Moreover, the platform can also be adapted for other MedTec products, such as infusion sets, cannulas, or catheters. The entire range of rotary pen assembly machines is complemented by

manual, semi-automated, and fully automated linear solutions for all customer requirements.