RB, drugstore.com partner for overnight deliveries

Strategy aims to overcome e-tailer delivery barriers and acquire new customers.

Reckitt Benckiser, a home, health, and personal care CPG company present in the US market, and drugstore.com have partnered to offer over-the-counter (OTC) seasonal cold medicines with free overnight delivery.

The partnership is focused on changing how online consumers buy cold and flu products such as Mucinex and Delsym. More than 90% of cough-and-cold product sales come from acute sufferers. Given the long delivery barrier, it is difficult for many e-tailers to compete. Most sick consumers complain that they're either too busy to go to the store or that they don't have the energy to make the trip.

Drugstore.com tells Web site visitors: “Fast relief is on the way! Purchase $35 worth of select Mucinex, Cepacol, or Delsym products and get free overnight shipping.” Shipping details follow regarding order placement times, locations, and shipment sizes.

Drugstore.com is anonline provider of health, beauty, vision, and pharmacy products, offering an assortment of more than 75,000 products, including RB’s Mucinex, Cepacol, and Delsym products.

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