Vision-Correcting Eye Drops Coming Soon

New eye drops proved to improve farsightedness in clinical trials, and will soon be brought to market.

Vision-Correcting Eye Drops / Image: Getty
Vision-Correcting Eye Drops / Image: Getty

Imagine correcting your vision by simply applying eye drops. According to a recent Forbes article, that will likely soon be a viable option for the aged farsighted population. An Israeli company, Orasis Pharmaceuticals, just released details of the Phase 2b studies of their CSF-1 eye drops that temporarily reverse farsightedness. The study proved both efficacy and safety of the drops on 166 subjects across the U.S., and improved the vision of participants by three eye chart lines.

The eye drops work through pupil modulation/contraction to increase depth of field, which increases the eye's ability to focus on near objects. It should be noted that the drops only temporarily improve vision for a few hours and are only intended to treat presbyopia, also known as age-related farsightedness. Presbyopia affects more than half the population over 45 years of age, and is caused by a loss of elasticity in the eye lens. 

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