FDA and DEA Target More Illegal Opioid Websites

In the continued fight against the opioid crisis, the FDA and DEA issued joint warning letters to websites illegally marketing and selling opioids.

Opioids / Image: iStock
Opioids / Image: iStock

A recent CNN article discussed the latest in the ongoing battle against opioids in the United States. This week, the FDA and DEA sent joint warning letters to four online networks that are illegally marketing unapproved and misbranded versions of opioids on 10 different websites. The letters demanded that the website operators cease sales immediately, and asked that the companies respond within 15 business days with specific information regarding their actions to address the violations outlined by the agencies.

The FDA also warned consumers who purchase drugs from these companies are putting their health at risk as the pills are unregulated and could be counterfeit, contaminated, or expired. Illegal online sales of unregulated opioids are an ongoing issue. Last year, members of Congress attacked Mark Zuckerberg over illegal opioid sales on Facebook, and Google paid $500 million to the Department of Justice in 2011 for showing prescription drug ads from Canadian online pharmacies to US consumers.

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