Altaire Recalls Eye Drops & Ointments Sold at Walgreens

Altaire Pharmaceuticals is recalling multiple eye care products exclusively produced for and sold at Walgreens due to sterility concerns.

Recalled Eye Drops / Image: RTT News
Recalled Eye Drops / Image: RTT News

A recent NBC New York article noted the recall of Altaire’s ophthalmic products due to sterility concerns. The products, which are manufactured and labeled exclusively for Walgreens, may not be sterile due to “management concerns regarding the sufficiency of Quality Assurance controls over critical systems in the manufacturing facility,” according to the FDA.

Though neither Altaire nor the FDA have received reports of adverse events, the use of non-sterile products that are intended to be sterile could result in serious and potentially life-threatening infections or death. That’s not really a risk you want to take when you’re just trying to moisturize your eyes.

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