Only Two Countries Allow Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising

Healthcare professionals agree there are advantages to advertising directly to patients - just one of the findings reported in a study released last fall from PMMI Business Intelligence.

Direct to Consumer Pharma Advertising / Image: PMMI
Direct to Consumer Pharma Advertising / Image: PMMI

DTCPA has grown 20% each year for the past 15 years, or twice as fast as advertising directed at physicians. The ads promote dialogue between patient and doctor, and patients tend to ask more though-provoking questions. Heightened awareness of the drug by the patient and family, and possible side effects, prompts better detection and reporting of adverse reactions.

Oddly enough, the U.S. and New Zealand are the only countries permitting direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising. Canada does with some limitations. The EU voted against DTCPA back in 2008.

Source:PMMI Business Intelligence, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices 2016: Trends and Opportunities in Packaging Operations.

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