Cough Syrup Banned Over Potential Risks to Humans

The Indian government took action against the companies, because the medications lacked "therapeutic justification."

First it was banned. Then, it was unbanned.

It's what recently happened to Pfizer's cough syrup, Corex, in India.

The Indian government banned the company from selling the product, saying it caused a potential risk to humans, but days later a court there granted an interim injunction, according to Reuters.

"The court said the government had not issued Pfizer a "show cause notice" before banning the medicine, two lawyers for the drugmaker told Reuters, declining to be named," according to the article.

But, it wasn't just Pfizer the Indian government went after. It also banned Abbott Laboratories' Phensedyl cough syrup, and took action against 344 fixed-dose combination drugs that a panel of experts found to lack "therapeutic justification," according to the article.

Abbott's Indian subsidiary also filed court papers against the ruling.

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