Scented Packaging Masks Stench of Supplements

Swiss-based manufacturer seeks to improve user experience by adding scented canisters to packaging.

Aroma-Can / Photo:
Aroma-Can / Photo:

Anyone who’s opened a bottle of fish oil capsules is familiar with the unfortunate smell associated with lowering their triglyceride levels. A new product from the healthcare packaging division of Clariant aims to mask that funk with the newest family of Aroma-Cans. The goal is to improve user experience via the new trend of “active” packaging, or packaging that interacts with the customer.

A recent article from PRW reported on the new Aroma-Cans, which are available in food-grade flavors like vanilla, orange, and lemon. The scents are embedded into a plastic canister, which is inserted into the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. Aroma-Cans have the same overall dimensions as standard desiccant canisters, so they can be seamlessly inserted into packaging at a rate of 300/minute with existing automated insertion equipment.

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