Package Design Gallery: Part 4 of 4

Each year, the Healthcare Packaging editors evaluate an array of over-the-counter product packaging designs, assessing the pros and cons from a user perspective. Today we review Kotex Daily Liners and TUMS Chewy Bites.

Kimberly Clark’s U by Kotex Daily Liners 


+ Athletic graphics and colors that, while not exactly new, buck the decades-long trend of pink and purple printing on women’s health products

+ Easy-to-read icons clearly demonstrate usage and disposal directions

+ Plastic bag and drawstring make for an easily portable package, keeping product contained


Plastic bag does not appear to have cues for where to open the package

While the smaller, lighter plastic bag may take up less space than traditional cartons, the plastic does not appear to be recyclable


GSK’s TUMS Chewy Bites 


+ Wide bottle is an eye-catching shape, easy to hold and consumers can clearly view the tablets

+ Unique V-cut lid is easy to twist open; berry imagery on label matches colorful tablets


While the package is easy to open, it required a bit of force to snap the lid back on which could be challenging for those with dexterity issues


This is a four-part series. Check out Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.


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