Dow Corning: Silicone Soft Skin Adhesive

Aims to bridge the gap between the company’s high-adhesion pressure-sensitive adhesives and gentle-adhesion SSAs, to deliver strong attachment for wearable medical devices.

Dow Corning® MG 7-1010 Soft Skin Adhesive bridges the gap between the company’s high-adhesion pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and gentle-adhesion SSAs to deliver strong attachment for today’s wearable medical devices.

Wearable medical devices such as wireless monitors can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life by empowering patients to take charge of their own health and enjoy greater mobility and freedom. To address the requirements of this emerging market, the company developed a strong, durable adhesive that is gentle on sensitive skin.

Dow Corning MG 7-1010 Soft Skin Adhesive, as the newest addition to Dow Corning’s extensive portfolio of high-performance adhesives, delivers the highest adhesion in the company’s SSA family. Peel adhesion tests on polycarbonate film show that this SSA provides more than double the adhesion force of the next-strongest SSA in Dow Corning’s portfolio.

This new product provides coating process flexibility with the following attributes: low viscosities of its two components; primerless adhesion on substrates; and suitability to be used in direct and transfer coating operations. It also offers design flexibility by enabling the coating weight and adhesion level to be fine-tuned depending on final application requirements. Potential applications include skin-adhered medical devices such as wearable monitoring devices, wound care dressings and medical tapes.

The company also introduced Dow Corning® 366 35 percent Dimethicone NF Emulsion, which is formulated without parabens and octylphenyl ethoxylates (OPE), which are substances of concern under Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations.

This versatile, aqueous emulsion is made with silicone, which is compliant with dimethicone (NF) and dimethicone (Ph. Eur.) monographs, and can be used to lubricate parenteral devices and supply skin protection in surgical and incontinence wipes. It also offers excellent release properties.

Meanwhile, recently launched Dow Corning® QP1-2XX Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) grades offer medical device manufacturers and fabricators enhanced processability, improved shot-to-shot consistency and faster cure profiles.

In addition to a wide array of silicone elastomers, adhesives and coatings that have proven to be safe, durable and reliable in medical device applications, Dow Corning offers expertise in medical device application development, process technology and regulatory compliance. These resources can help formulators enhance device efficacy and patient compliance, and help fabricators and coaters tailor PSAs and SSAs to the requirements of the application.

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