Capitol Hill Turns Attention to Medical Device Safety

Cybersecurity is dominating the conversation, but experts say the risk might not be what people think.

First it was advocacy groups, then it was the FDA and now it's Capitol Hill.

The Hill reported that Sen. Barbara Boxer sent a letter with “serious concerns that the cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical devices are putting the health and safety of patients at risk," to five of the largest medical device makers in the U.S.

The letter was reportedly sent in early February.

The Hill also spoke with Stephanie Domas, the lead medical security engineer at the nonprofit R&D organization Battelle for their article.

Domas explained that while most people immediately worry about patient issues when talking about medical device security, that's not usually the problem that is encountered when a device is hacked.

"Their goal is how can they get something that monetizes, or how can they can pivot into the greater hospital network,” Domas told the news outlet.

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