Live at interpack: Volpak Presents Intermittent Stick Pack Machines

This week at interpack, Volpak is showcasing Enflex PHS Series intermittent stick pack machines designed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

PHS-30 model
PHS-30 model

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This week at interpack, Volpak is presenting its intermittent stick pack machines, which come in different models depending on production needs and meets the specific requirements of an industry that is increasingly interested in flexible packaging, especially in the stick-pack format.

The Enflex PHS Series focuses on the production and packaging of single-dose stick-packs to be used within a medical and family environment. This machine offers superior production performance and sustainability, with a reduction of 42% in wrapping material usage compared to units currently on the market. The machine is also equipped with a servomotor-based energy recovery system, allowing for savings on energy costs.

Volpak’s Enflex PHS Series is available in multiple-lane setups and can be configured to meet the customer’s specific production needs. The format change operations are also easy on all machines, which makes the Enflex PHS machine ideal for third-party suppliers and contractors as well as pharmaceutical companies. The Enflex PHS Series is consistent with the Industry 4.0 framework, and is equipped with OptiMate, the Coesia Digital HMI, which facilitates the navigation of different menus and simplifies procedures such as ordering spare parts, accessing technical documentation, and generating production reports.

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