COVECTRA offers serialization gateway for contract service providers

COVECTRA, a multi-layered brand protection solutions provider offering serialization, authentication, and track and trace technology services, today announced its new offering for Contract Service Providers (CSP) working in the pharmaceutical space.

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The company's new CSP Serialization Gateway solution allows CSPs to simplify serialization and event data exchange between CSP sites and multiple brand owners. The turnkey solution offers CSPs the opportunity to serialize selective products for customers who may not already have a mass serialization program in place.

COVECTRA's new CSP Serialization Gateway allows CSPs to add new recurring revenue streams and increase competitive advantage by offering not only packaging line serialization but also several other key services that are required in addition to the line equipment, to make serialization work in today's complex supply chain. CSPs are able to extend several components of the CSP Serialization Gateway as value added services to their customers, thereby adding innovative offerings to their own lineup and creating new revenue opportunities. Brand owners benefit by having the ability to use latest serialization technology to run their serialization programs by only paying a monthly fee to the CSP.

In addition to serialization management and communication of serialization data across organizations and sites, the Serialization Gateway offers a platform to run business value applications such as improved patient safety and adherence; returns verifications to prevent revenue leaks; recall management; patient communications programs; and precautionary monitoring to preclude adverse events. The CSP Serialization Gateway and the applications can be purchased with Software-as-a-Service and upfront licensing models, thereby making it suitable for a wide range of CSPs and projects. In addition to providing the CSP Serialization Gateway, COVECTRA also offers site and line level serialization software, equipment, and configuration services to CSPs and pharmaceutical companies.

“This new offering allows contract service providers the opportunity to be competitive in the field. It's increasingly important, with the pending domestic and international requirements for serialization, ” stated COVECTRA President and CEO, Steve Wood. “Our CSP Serialization Gateway offers contract service providers new opportunities for increasing their market share, effortless implementation and a variety of business benefits using serialized data, and enables CSPs to collaborate successful with alliance partners and brand owners,” he added.

The CSP Serialization Gateway allows contract service providers to communicate with multiple serial ID repositories and ERPs, creating a seamless exchange of serialization and event data with a variety of customers. Features include:
&bull Ability to generate, send and receive Serial IDs to and from multiple customers and supplies
&bull Ability to add, update, and manage, customer and supplier information
&bull EPCIS industry standard interface
&bull Compliance reporting and audit trails
&bull Secure multi-tier access to IDs multiple deployment models including on-premise, hosted, SaaS
&bull Connectors for XML, csv, and flat files
&bull Real time serial ID inventory status across network

The COVECTRA suite of serialization products creates a sophisticated, streamlined capability to identify and prevent product diversion and counterfeiting. COVECTRA provides a complete portfolio of software and packaging security solutions to protect as well as enhance consumer loyalty to any valuable brand. Additionally, the companies' unique Smartphone application can application can be used to input serialized human readable codes that are unique to a unit package. Once the code is entered into the smartphone, the application checks it against COVECTRA's AuthentiTrack£software platform which can be used to track the product through all levels of distribution from the point of packaging throughout the supply chain, and ultimately to the consumer. The consumer is then able to verify authenticity, communicate directly with the manufacturer, and enroll in product promotions programs.

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