RFIDTraxx Demonstrates DocStaxx ­RFID Document Tracking & AssetTraxx ­RFID Asset Tracking Systems*

RFIDTraxx LLC announced today that it will participate in the MIT Enterprise Forum's AUTO-ID & SENSING SOLUTIONS Expo to be held on October 27, 2009 at the MIT Stata Center in Cambridge MA.

RFIDTraxx LLC will showcase two of its products, DocStaxx and AssetTraxx, at the show. DocStaxx is a real time document tracking solution that allows for the tracking of individual documents in a folder. Using a parent/child relationship the location and history of a document and its folder can be found at all times. AssetTraxx is designed for the real time tracking and location of assets of any size in a building. The use of an active RFID tag allows for rooms of any size to be easily monitored.

Both products are designed for ease-of-use at an affordable price point, combining the power of the Microsoft® SQL Server® with RFID tags and readers. Whether the item to be tracked is a single sheet of paper, computers and peripherals, medical devices, or any other asset, the solutions allow for a flexible method of monitoring those items along with an easy way to upgrade the system as needed. These systems are totally scalable and can be customized to individual requirements.

DocStaxx uses RFID tags and readers from Magellan Technology, a 13.56 MHz solution that uses Phase Jitter Modulation and allows the close stacking of RFID tags that cannot be accomplished by any other RFID system available today. AssetTraxx uses 2.45 GHz active tags from Ingecom to give excellent performance at a price level that is hard to match.

The software is web-based allowing anyone with the appropriate permissions to interrogate the system (either through an internal network or via the Internet). The use of SQL Server, a widely used database server, allows for easy integration with existing systems if required, while giving the standalone system tremendous power.

“Both systems are unbelievably powerful and yet allow the user to implement them at a small scale and grow as their needs grow” said Steve Halliday, an RFIDTraxx partner.

“The MIT Enterprise forum is a great place to introduce AssetTraxx and showcase these products”.

“The Auto ID, RFID and sensor markets are moving along so many paths, we wanted to bring together the broadest range of RFID, sensor, NFC, wireless and networking technology companies to help explore industry and business opportunities for the region.” added Tom Coyle, one of the event's program managers. “We are happy to have RFIDTraxx LLC participating in the event.”
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