Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Growth Lead to CSP Technologies Expansion

A 100,000 sq-ft expansion at its Auburn, AL, headquarters includes the company’ first-ever onsite Material Science Lab.

CSP Technologies, Inc., designer and producer of packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences, completed a 100,000 sq-ft facility expansion at its Auburn, AL, headquarters, and is transitioning several new and enhanced capabilities into the space.

To date, the expansion is highlighted by CSP Technologies’ first-ever onsite Material Science Lab—which, in addition to housing integrated R&D equipment, hosts a venue for streamlined collaboration between engineers, R&D and production personnel. Other areas in the facility will be utilized for labeling and other secondary packaging processes.

The expansion was necessary due to the recent growth in several sectors of CSP Technologies’ business, particularly pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices. The additional space comes on the heels of a new thermoforming line which, in addition to pharma packaging production, will be utilized for an upcoming portfolio of antimicrobial products for food safety.

Over the last three years, CSP Technologies has greatly increased its global in-house design, engineering, material science and project management capabilities, providing a “one-stop shop” from concept to commercialization.

Currently, most of the new space is utilized for warehousing. As CSP’s primary manufacturing needs continue to expand over time, an increasing portion of the additional room will be converted to manufacturing space and dedicated to producing packaging solutions for medical devices and sensitive pharmaceutical products.

“The advancements at our new space allow CSP Technologies to expand our capabilities and continue to offer our clients the best service possible,” says CEO John Belfance. “Enhancing the robustness of our onsite R&D activities is a promising update. As the industry continues to evolve, we are confident that our facility will accommodate an ever-growing array of services while prioritizing innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.”