va-Q-tec: Thermal insulation innovations displayed at the 15th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum in Chicago.

va-Q-tec, a provider of thermal packaging for temperature-controlled transportation, noted that the Forum is dedicated to the next generation of temperature control and brings together experts from biotech, big and small pharma, consortiums and academia.

va-Q-tec has provided products fort he thermal insulation industry for more than a decade. As the global market demands reliable logistics and packaging in a perfected temperature controlled environment, va-Q-tec’s vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) and phase-change materials (“PCMs”) offer effective and sustainable solutions for a global customer base. va-Q-tec’s advanced passive technology keeps the inside temperature of its packaging solutions constant for up to five days without the need for additional external energy sources.

va-Q-tec will display its product portfolio at the Forum, including its va-Q-tainer TWINx, the va-Q-case Half Euro, as well as its small boxes va-Q-proof and va-Q-one.

va-Q-tec sells small box and container solutions, ranging from 4 L to 2 Euro/U.S. pallets sizes at six different temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C to customers operating globally. The company offers their products with rental and fulfillment services. The company runs a global network for advanced passive containers with 25 stations and more than 500 drop-off points. To support this growing network, va-Q-tec has local teams in multiple countries.

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