TraceLink Inc.: Smart Inventory Tracker

Enables operational efficiencies and supports full DSCSA and E.U. FMD compliance requirements for companies with warehouse operations.

TraceLink Inc., the integrated digital supply network providing real-time information sharing for better patient outcomes, announced Smart Inventory Tracker, a cloud-based, end-to-end warehouse compliance solution offered within its integrated digital supply network.


Smart Inventory Tracker enables companies with warehousing operations to meet both business and compliance needs, including the E.U. Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). 


Natively connected to the cloud and purpose-built to leverage TraceLink’s information-sharing capabilities within its digital supply network platform, Smart Inventory Tracker is designed to improves operational efficiencies in the warehouse, allowing companies to verify and update the status of serialized product, receive real-time feedback, and generate compliance reporting based on configurable workflows.


With connections to 32 National Medicine Verification Systems (NMVS) and integration with TraceLink’s saleable returns verification product, Smart Inventory Tracker enables companies to meet their traceability, receiving, and distribution requirements for E.U. FMD and DSCSA. Smart Inventory Tracker can run on any mobile device and does not require integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). 

With Smart Inventory Tracker, companies can take advantage of the full capabilities of TraceLink’s integrated digital supply network platform to meet their own warehouse needs with a customized solution that integrates the benefits for an end-to-end information sharing ecosystem, including the following:


• Improve and automate warehouse processes, including receiving, returns, picking, packing and shipping

• Receive delivery orders from WMS or ERP systems and verify that the correct product, lot and quantity are packed

• Handle post-batch rework for sampling, verification, or damaged product at the warehouse level

• Perform aggregation and de-aggregation, with the ability to support mass decommissioning in the future

• Support the full U.S. DSCSA and E.U. FMD compliance requirements for traceability, receiving and distribution

• Verify and decommission serial numbers for all E.U. FMD exception use cases, including Article 16, Article 22 and Article 23

• Scan products to meet the DSCSA verification requirement for suspect or returned product


Integrated with TraceLink’s digital supply network, Smart Inventory Tracker provides companies with the ability to easily make real-time decisions and automate the verification of their serialized products directly from the warehouse floor, alleviating their warehouse operations from manual, complex, and error-prone processes, while meeting compliance requirements.