World Wide Packaging: Tube Design Features

In-mold branding and high-resolution decorating technologies add functionality and convenience to tube packaging.

World Wide Packaging LLC. (WWP), a provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes, has developed and launched two impactful design features that add intrigue, functionality, convenience and value to its range of tube packaging solutions.

ELEMENTS Tube Line: ELEMENTS™ is a trademarked in-mold branding feature for WWP’s 50mm, 40mm, and 30mm diameter tube offerings.The unique technology allows customers to add a custom logo molded onto the shoulder of the tube in a variety of configurations. Logos can be embossed or debossed, depending on the format.

Combining molded shoulder color ranges with custom artwork, ELEMENTS produces an assertive graphic statement for an on-shelf point of differentiation instantly noticeable to consumers.Customers also can choose to include anti-counterfeiting features, making their product safer while increasing point-of-purchase influence.

Direct Flexo Imaging: WWP also has launched a groundbreaking tube decorating technology trademarked Direct Flexo Imaging™ (DFI), a hybrid application utilizing high-resolution print imaging.Unlike conventional direct dry offset and silk screen printing, DFI allows unlimited graphic potential and photograph-quality imaging and resolution—accomplishing this without the physical material attributes of a pressure-sensitive label. DFI encompasses a variety of decorating mediums such as flexography and rotogravure—with metal, digital and combination printing. All artwork can be registered to the thumb notch of the closure, and is available for WWP’s complete line of extruded tube offerings.

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