Peli BioThermal: Temperature-controlled shippers

CoolPall Vertos is a high-performance bulk shipping system that is quickly and easily assembled.

Peli BioThermal introduces CoolPall Vertos, a new range of shipping containers that offer robust performance and speed of use. The modular systems have been designed with the ability to be flat-packed, easily conditioned, and assembled at great speed. Start to finish assembly time takes less than 5 min.

CoolPall Vertos’ required cooling components have been greatly reduced, with the advantages of speed of assembly and unique design elements.

CoolPall Vertos’ unique design elements include the following:

• Inspection hatch that minimizes the potential for excursions during customs inspection

• Freestanding components that lock into place, eradicating the possibility of incorrect packing

• Interlocking high-density construction that increases the possibility of reuse

CoolPall Vertos’ ergonomic design uses interlocking components to ensure very quick and easy assembly. Timed trials are at three minutes.Using high-density, molded materials for thermal and mechanical robustness allows the product to remain lightweight. Modular components across the entire range reduce inventory.

CoolPall Vertos is the latest addition to Peli BioThermal’s full suite of products and services that offer longevity, reusability, and sustainability to provide the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, tissue, diagnostics/clinical trials, vaccines, and blood samples. These include the following:

• Credo Cube™, Credo DuraCube™, and Promed™—reusable thermal cases that protect payload contents at defined temperatures

• Credo Xtreme™—a full and half-pallet (durable hard shell) of the Credo Cube that holds 406 and 890 L and offers the same temperature control duration

• Credo ProEnvision™—next-generation asset management software

• Sherpa™—robust, off-the-shelf, cost-effective, prequalified temperature-controlled packaging products

• Chronos Advance™—a range of high-performance, single-use shipping systems using advanced insulation and phase change materials

• CoolPall™—a high-performance, single-use bulk freight forwarding system designed as a flat-pack, easily assembled product.

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